Wellness Centre


Trident @ Rijk's builds its concept of enriching individuals and the community by providing health treatments and lifestyle choices.

We offer a range of treatments including: massages and body treatments, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures and waxing. We also have an array of overall health treatments specifically designed to enhance your healthy lifestyle such as an infrared sauna and Power Plate. We offer a health menu as we believe in a high protein, low carbohydrate lifestyle. We strive for freshness and seasonal food from local providers. We cater for meat and vegetarian lifestyle!

The Fitness Centre offers a range of equipment , each designed to keep you in shape whilst on holiday. For bookings call or email:



Trident Food Menu


I visited Rijk’s Country House again - the hotel just gets better and better. The spa was perfect! I made good use of the gym and spa. After a long, hard day of work it was great to have a relaxing treatment to start my evening. Staff are very warm, welcoming and professional. I can't wait to return next year for more pampering. Anita (UK)